X Windows: Remote X to Windows with Xming

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1) Install Xming and Xming-fonts

 * Download from sourceforge.net/projects/xming[1]

2) Add the Linux machine's DNS name(s) and IP address to the C:\Program Files\xming\X0.hosts file. File should contain:


3) Start Xming on your Windows machine (NOT XLaunch)

4) Start the connection: Connect to the Linux machine via ssh/telnet/rlogin/whatever and run:

    EXAMPLE: DISPLAY=;export DISPLAY;xterm

5) Minimize the telnet session, do not close it. If you close it, your X connections will close.


PROBLEM: "Xlib: connection to YOUR_IP refused by server"
FIX: Check the Xming log, it probably contains "Xming.exe: client 4 rejected from IP YOUR_IP". If so,

  • close Xming
  • Make sure that the DNS names and/or IPs are in the C:\Program Files\xming\X0.hosts file
  • restart Xming

FIX2: If problem is not fixed, restart Xming with the -ac option.

PROBLEM: The application starts but then I get a font error(s).
FIX: Install the Xming-fonts onto your Windows box.

PROBLEM: When starting Xming, a Windows Security Alert pops up saying Windows Firewall has blocked this program.
FIX: Change Windows Firewall setting to allow Xming.
FIX2: Disable Windows Firewall by going to Services, setting Windows Firewall to MANUAL START and then stop the service.

PROBLEM: Cannot connect to Xming and I have checked all of the above.
FIX: When starting Xming as display 0, Windows Firewall does not complain. Check to see if Windows Firewall is blocking the connection.