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Cross compiler setup instructions


Work in progress, a script to build the hppa-linux compiler toolchain on Slackware

  1. !/bin/bash

export TARGET=hppa-linux export MACH=i686-linux export DEST=/usr/local export SRC=~/pabuild

mkdir -p $DEST $SRC mkdir -p $DEST/include

cd $SRC mkdir binutils-build mkdir gcc-build mkdir glibc-build mkdir linux

  1. Extract binutils

tar -zxvf binutils-<version>.tar.gz cd binutils-build

../binutils/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$DEST/hppa-linux --host=$MACH --disable-nls make make install cd ..

  1. Extract gcc

tar -zxvf gcc-3.4.6.tar.gz cd gcc-build ../gcc/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$DEST --host=$MACH --disable-shared --disable-nls


cd ..

  1. Extract the kernel source from CVS

cd linux make oldconfig make dep

  1. Extract glibc

cd glibc-build

../glibc/configure --HOST=$TARGET --BUILD=$MACH --PREFIX=$DEST/hppa-linux --WITH-HEADERS=$DEST/include --disable-profile --without-cvs --enable-add-ons make make install cd $DEST/hppa-linux/include ln -s ~/source/linux/include/asm . ln -s ~/source/linux/include/linux .