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A simple guide on how to install Nessus on slackware 11.0

As you may know "Tenable" doesn't provide native packages for slackware, so we must do some tricks in order to run it.

First go and grab the package for fedora core 4 (that's what I'll be using for this example).When you are done you have to convert this package to tgz , this is done by simply using the "rpm2tgz" utility, so you do something like: "rpm2tgz packagename.rpm". Then you should wait for a while ... after everything is done you must install the package: "installpkg packagename.tgz"

After the package is installed, it places its files in /opt/nessus dir.Now you should do the following things: 1.Then you must copy all files from /opt/nessus/lib to /usr/local/lib and run the ldconfig utility in order to update the library list.(Only the files, not the "nessus" subfolder) 2.Now it's time for some symbol linking: 2.1 Go into /usr/lib dir and execute the following commands: ln -s ln -s ln -s

After you've done this you may try and run nessus-add-first-user, then nessus-mkcrt, and finally nessus -D

I wish you luck.And I do not take any responsibility if you crash your system or something (Most probably it won't happen)

Author: LordDoskias with a little help from iddqd You can contact me on @ ##slackware