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The development version of GNU Emacs offers several features over the official Slackware release (Emacs 22), for example Unicode support, multi-TTY, multiple X client frames and font rendering with Xft. Here is a SlackBuild that creates a package for Emacs 23.

Note that the SlackBuild pulls from the CVS server on Savannah, so you do not need to pull the repository first. If you do, put it in the indicated local cvs directory so that the script will do a "cvs update".


You should

removepkg emacs

before installing the Emacs 23 package, which will be installed as package emacs-cvs.

Automatic Updates

I put the following script into /etc/cron.weekly and each Monday I get a newly-updated version of Emacs. I always keep the old package in case there is any problem with the new version.

#! /bin/sh
cd <full path to parent directory>
tar zxvf emacs-cvs.tar.gz
cd emacs-cvs
./emacs-cvs.SlackBuild |mail <yourself>

Problems? Comments?

I have had no problems with the current script. If you notice anything, please let me know.Trashbird1240