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Configuring X

Compiz Setup

After you've configured X Properly, you can start setting up Compiz's configuration files. These configuration files are generated automatically by Compiz, given 2 conditions.

1. The existance of a .compiz directory in home

    mkdir ~/.compiz

2. Running Compiz, calling to read configuration files (although not present, yet)

    compiz --replace ini decoration & kde-window-decorator &

This loads compiz up, creating default configuration files in "~/.compiz/options/", while enabling two plugins "ini" and "decoration". Ini to allow read/write of configuration files, and "decoration" to use window decorations (the title bar of programs).

Configuring Compiz

Once you've successfully loaded compiz and created config files in, you can now configure plugins. Open up ~/.compiz/options/general-allscreens.conf for editing.

    pico ~/.compiz/options/general-allscreens.conf

Edit the first line to include Plugins you will want to use. Plugins are stored in /usr/lib/compiz/ as lib* files. My plugins line:


Save this file, now edit ~/.compiz/options/decoration-allscreens.conf and alter the line "command=" to look like this:


Save and exit. Test your work, (and also create more config files) like this:

    killall -9 kde-window-decorator ; killall -9 compiz ; compiz --replace ini & 

You'll notice ~/.compiz/options/ is now populated with more configuration files. Filled with keybindings and behavior definitions. I'll leave figuring these out to you.

Anytime you change and save a configuration file. Restart compiz to test.

    compiz --replace ini &

Here are a few interesting config options.

In general-screen0.conf


Change 4 to anything from 1 to 10 to change the number of sides of the "cube". In cube-screen0.conf image files are read from /usr/share/compiz/:


This loads "picture.png" on the top of the cube, while :


Loads "picture.png" as the background image behind the cube.