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Slackware has recently started to be inactive. At the same time, a number of security issues have been found in various components. This page aims at listing them in order to help everyone know which components have known vulnerabilities.

The list below is provided as-is. It is meant to be as good as possible but we can't guarantee anything. It is sorted by slackware categories: a/, ap/, d/, ...

A more comprehensive effort might appear at some point in the future (binary packages?) but this is currently only a list of packages and their CVEs when applicable and useful. In some cases, we consider pointing out a specific CVE is not useful because of the number of issues (i.e. get the last version; e.g. mozilla-*).

(Add [[Category:Security:SSA]] to the very bottom of your page to have it appear on this page)




cups : CVE-2011-3170 CVE-2011-2896


perl : CVE-2011-2939

ruby : CVE-2011-2705 CVE-2011-1004 CVE-2011-0188




t1lib : CVE-2011-1554 CVE-2011-1553 CVE-2011-1552 CVE-2011-0764

freetype2 : CVE-2011-0226

libxml2 : CVE-2011-1944


bind : CVE-2011-4313

httpd : CVE-2011-4415 CVE-2011-4317 CVE-2011-3607 CVE-2011-3368

dhcp : CVE-2011-4868 CVE-2011-4539 CVE-2011-2749 CVE-2011-2748

openssl : CVE-2012-0027 CVE-2011-4619 CVE-2011-4576 CVE-2011-4109 CVE-2011-4108 CVE-2011-3210

proftpd : CVE-2011-4130

php : CVE-2011-4885 CVE-2011-3379


libXfont : CVE-2011-2895


pidgin : CVE-2011-4603 CVE-2011-4602 CVE-2011-4601 CVE-2011-3594 CVE-2011-3184 CVE-2011-2943

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